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Good practice

To help us maintain the beaches clean and with a high standard of quality:

- Please throw all your waste into the rubbish bins (cans, packages, waste food, waste in general). Should a recycling container be available, please use it.

- Do not throw cigarettes into the sand nor put out cigarettes in the sand. Please keep them and throw them into a rubbish bin or into an ashtray.

- Please do not throw plastic waste in the sand nor into the sea. If you see any, please throw the plastic waste into the rubbish bin or into the container. 

- Please remember that no animals are allowed at the beach 

- The food may get spoiled in the sun; hawking is forbidden and generates waste.

- In case you wish to listen to the radio, please take care that the sound will not be too loud. The beach is usually visited by many people and it is everybody's task to avoid too much noise. 

- Should you go to the beach with children, please make sure they play without bothering anyone, on the designated playground or in areas where there are less people.

- In case a shower is available, please use it consciously, do not use more water than you actually need and try to avoid using shower gel or similar. We should not use the beach as if it was our bath tub or WC. The use of shower gels, soap, shampoo is not allowed. 

- If you need to go to the bathroom, please go to the designated WC or to a nearby bar. 

- Do not take sand from the beach home with you, as it is forbidden; sand is a public good that we must share with other visitors and try to keep it in best conditions. 

- In case you bring many accessoires along to the beach, such as parasols, collapsible tables and chairs, please try to place them away from other beach visitors, in such a way that they will not bother them. 

We must leave the beach as we found it upon our arrival! 

Respect your surroundings, respect your environment. 

The beach is for everybody! 

Date of last modification:14 of August 2017

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