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Fauna and flora

Despite the fact that the beaches within the municipality of Palma are all of urban character and their purpose is mainly for leisure activities, we should not forget that our beaches are also natural environments we have been sharing with many other life-beings for hundreds of years.


Seagulls and cormorants coexist outside the water together with a considerable costal vegetation. Once in the water we discover a fascinating and lively world populated with characteristic species of the Balearic sea, such as the Posidonia oceanica.


During the past few years, the environment has been suffering a disequilibrium that is having an effect on many of these species, some of which are experiencing a considerable population increase such as Jellyfish, and more precisely the Pelagia noctiluca, that occasionally appears in big groups a couple of times a year in the sea surrounding the islands.

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Date of last modification:19 of August 2021

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